Haitse Hoos (1973)


Haitse Hoos has been working in the field of institutional asset management for more than a decade.

Mr Hoos graduated in econometrics at Erasmus University Rotterdam with a thesis on risk models (supervised by Guus Boender) and then took the postgraduate training programme organised by the Dutch Association of Financial Professionals (VBA).

He started his career as a quantitative analyst with Lombard Odier, where his responsibilities included quantitative research, performance measurement and analysis, and risk modelling. In 1997 he joined Interpolis as a senior asset manager, taking responsibility for the investments of a number of pension funds, with final responsibility for the fixed-income portfolios and membership of the investment strategy committee. Mr Hoos then moved to the VGZ health insurance company as Chief Investment Officer, looking after the first fiduciary mandate in Europe.

His background has given him extensive investment experience (including the fiduciary variant) and he has worked closely with the biggest asset management companies in Europe and the United States.

Haitse Hoos set up Asset Advisors in response to the many questions posed in the field of fiduciary asset management. The fact that he has himself been an investor and has a background in quantity analysis gives him great expertise in analysing and advising on fiduciary management.